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Sandra Fantauzzi is the Founder and CEO of Panacea Health Services International. Sandra has a diverse  background where she spent her early years in the tourism, travel and hospitality industries. She has worked for several tourist attractions throughout the US, hotels in Las Vegas and Southwest Airlines at the 7th busiest airport in the nation. Sandra attended the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and received her BS in Education and minored in pre-med. Subsequently, she attended graduate school at Western University of Health Sciences in Southern California where she received a Masters in Physician Assistant Studies. She has practiced as a Physician Assistant in multiple specialties to include; Women's Health, Urology, Dermatology, Hematology/Oncology and Gastroenterology. She is a Physician Assistant and an Entrepreneur, with more than 25 years of combined experience in the hospitality, travel and medical industries. Panacea Health Services International encompasses her greatest passions and has been Sandra's life long dream.

Panacea Health Services International is headquartered in Orlando, Florida. We specialize in unique, multicultural markets in the health and wellness industries internationally and in the US. We have spent several years forming alliances, building bridges across many nations, developing strong partnerships, all the while seeking out some of the best medical and dental providers worldwide to ensure our clients (patients) are offered the highest quality of affordable care without compromising safety. We deliver business outcomes based upon extensive research, best practice and return of investment. At Panacea, we are consistently identifying and investing in growth opportunities. Currently,  our services include a diverse range of surgical procedures, dentistry, IVF, regenerative medicine, rehabilitation for addictions, weight management programs, athletic performance training, alternative medicine, anti-aging, therapeutic spas and destination wellness retreats.  As cutting-edge medicine and technology continues to take over the world, endless opportunities will abound.


At Panacea Health Services International we can assure you that your health and wellness is of our utmost priority. We have strategically formed relationships with providers in leading destinations and will continue to form life-long alliances with many more nations in the years to come. At Panacea, we strive to surround ourselves with high achievers and to set an example of industry leadership.  Our mission is to deliver value to our clients (patients) and we promise to continue working towards raising the bar and the standard of care globally.