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1) Q: How long is my recovery time?

A: Your recovery time will vary depending upon the procedure(s) performed.  A specific recovery time will be reviewed by your health care provider at the time of your consultation.


2) Q: If I have questions or concerns after surgery while back in the U.S. where do I go?

A: Initially your post-op questions/concerns should be addressed with the surgeon that performed your procedure(s) in the country of your choice. In addition Panacea Health Services International will work closely with your primary care physician in the U.S. to assist in a smooth transition. PHSI also offers our clients complication insurance at a low cost for post-op coverage in the U.S.  For more information visit:


3) Q: How safe is it to travel to other countries for medical purposes?

A:  We have performed extensive research on the facilities, accommodations, and transportation that Panacea Health Services International has teamed up with to offer a safe and comfortable environment.

4) Q: Do I need a translator?

A: No, there is English speaking staff available for your assistance.


 5) Q: How do I get a passport? Will I need a Visa?

A: The majority of countries require a passport for travel, and additionally some

countries require a Visa for entrance. For further information and guidelines pertaining to specific countries please visit, . In addition our specialists are available to assist you if you’re encountering difficulties.

6) Q: Does my insurance cover any of my procedures?

A: Many Large U.S. based Health Care insurance companies are currently investigating the expansion of coverage in other countries for medically necessary procedures. Currently elective cosmetic/plastic surgery and dental procedures are not covered by your insurance company.  However, we are working with several institutions in order to offer our clients financial assistance.  You may also contact your Health Care insurance provider for more information regarding your benefits.

7) Q: Who will be picking me up from the airport? How will I get around?

A: One of our representatives will meet and greet you upon arrival at the airport. They will also be assisting you throughout your travels. Detail information will be included in your packet prior to traveling.

8) Q: Do I need an international calling card?

A: If you do not have International calling coverage on your cellular phone, we recommend purchasing an International Calling Card prior to your travels.


9) Q: Do I need to exchange my money before traveling to another country?

A: We recommend exchanging your money at a local bank in the country you arrive in, as airport exchange rates are much higher.

10) Q: What will I need to bring with me?

A: It will depend upon the country you will are traveling to. For Further information regarding what to pack you can visit the country of your choice found on the destination tab located on our website.


11) Q: What is your Privacy Policy?

A: Panacea Health Services International (PHSI) follows The U.S.  Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) .


12) Q: Can I finance or get a loan through Panacea?

 A:  At Panacea Health Services International we do not provide loans or financing. However, we do accept most major credit cards.

13) Q: Why should I consider Medical Travel?

A: Many patients consider medical travel outside the U.S. for procedures to save both money and time. Please contact one of our consultants for further information regarding medical travel.